Spinning Bobbins Dye Tubes & Dye Cones Flyer Bobbins

Spinning Bobbins !!

  • Available in PP, ABS, PC and modified polymers(steam Proof) for all standard spindles from 6" Lift to 10" Lift.
  • Within Din ISO 368 standards in variety of surface finishes, wall thickness and steam proof
  • 220 sizes of Spinning Bobbins are available in 24 colours at present
  • Customer specific Alterations & special requirements can be done

Spinning Bobbins with Orange Skin !!

  • Reduces hard waste while unwinding drastically
  • Higher speeds while unwinding in autocorner
  • Very Low Eccentricity (<0.1 mm) for high speeds (up to 25,000 RPM)
  • With special bushes at Button area for high stability & auto doffing
  • It is available for all standard spindles

Dye Tubes & Dye Cones!!

  • Compressible & Non-Compressible Dye Tubes in PP
  • Dye Cones in PP & modified polymers in sizes -4'20, 5'57, 3'30 for single use & multiple use - to withstand up to 130'C
  • Perforated Cones & Cheeses for all standard sizes for water conditoning and steam settings

Flyer Bobbins !!

  • Available in PPcp & ABS for all standard machines like Rieter, LMW (LF 1400A, LF 1660, LF 1463), MMC, HOWA, TAYODA, ZINZER
  • Sizes ranging from 10" Lift to 16" Lift machines
  • Within DIN ISO 368 Standards
  • Low eccentricity results in better productivity, Lower CV% and stretch
  • Available with Delrin bush at top and sticking cloth
  • Any specific alterations can also be made as per customer requirements.